In order for us to provide you with a realistic assessment of your eligibility for permanent or temporary residence in Australia, we require certain particulars from you and your family. For this reason, our initial questionnaire should be completed and returned to us via email, fax or mail for assessment.


The following is a questionnaire that is designed to ask you questions relevant to your application for an Australian Visa based on your personal situation. To answer a question just click or type the answer into the relevant box. You will notice that questions will appear and disappear based on what answers you provide. Please provide the relevant information for each question that appears. If you answer all the questions correctly, there should be no irrelevant questions.

When answering a question provide as much detail as possible. Do not use "ditto" or "As Above" - even if the information is repeated. You should check that the spelling is correct and that numbers and dates are recorded correctly.

When you have completed all of the questions, you will be provided with the opportunity to email the completed information to your Migration Agent. Please carefully follow the instructions at the end of this questionnaire to ensure that your details are correctly sent. This information when received by your Migration Agent will be automatically entered into your file on the Agent's database. DO NOT post, scan or fax your answers to your Migration Agent.


Please ensure that all the details you provide are true and correct. The information you provide may be used in the preparation of a visa application. It is an offence under the Migration Act to provide, or cause to be provided, documents or information to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship which is false, fraudulent or misleading. Significant penalties apply. Providing incorrect information may also result in your visa application being refused or any visa granted to you cancelled.

Please note that this is not an application form. This questionnaire is for your Migration Agent's use only. Your Migration Agent may use the information you have provided in this questionnaire to prepare a visa application including any application forms. Remember, providing your Migration Agent with all the correct information will help them to prepare your application.